This is:


my personal selection = my 6800+ records collection + my 3800+ wantlist in one database

mainly 12“ vinyl singles (+ albums + CDs)

a discography

a quick reference

an information-only service


It’s not:


a complete discography of all kind of music (like / music downloads / web radio / a record store*

*exceptions: type 4 sale in field Remixer / Producer and find some records for sale or trade, type wanted here and find my 3600+ record want list. Please contact me (


It’s for:


record collectors / DJs / everybody who needs ideas to track down essential dance music quickly / who is bored bygreatest hitsonly



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e. g. start with your favorite artist or style (genre) or year or any combination... or check the Ranking



è ideas: which records are related / similar?
What else of this style or artist is recommended?


è answers: which records are collectable rarities?
Which ist the catalog# of the 1st issue?
What else had been issued on this record label?





searchable fields:


Artists: underground acts / stars + NEARLY EVERYTHING of my favorites: Kraftwerk / Prince / Madonna / Michael Jackson / Janet Jackson / Pet Shop Boys / Depeche Mode + ...


Titles: club play / rare grooves / hits / collectable releases of these artists


Remixer / Producer: Giorgio Moroder + Patrick Adams + Larry Levan + David Morales + ...


Label: underground dance labels + major labels: Salsoul + Prelude + Enjoy + Sugarhill + KMS + Transmat + Factory + ...


Year: 1960s - 2012


Style: (Genre) Disco + Electro + House + Techno + Club Play + Oldschool Rap + R&B + Funk + Pop + Rock + Wave + Independent + a bit of Jazz


Ranking Favorites: between 'O.K.' and 'to die for'


Ranking Milestone: personal recommendation + David Toop's + Freddy Fresh's + MIXMAG's + famous clubs' playlists


Ranking Value: price guide



a list containing all input plus:


Medium: e.g. Vinyl 12“


Special: e.g. original issue or colored vinyl


Country (of pressing)


Comment/Tracklisting (under construction): e.g. valuable hints how to tell the original first issue from

reissues or fakes / personal comments / query results linked to (full tracklisting + picture sleeve) under constructioncompleted for Pet Shop Boys




of my collection in terms of value / all styles (genres) / order: artist>title



Order: artist>title, i.e. collector friendly, not DJ friendly ;-)

for further details of each track search the database:


6Stars – to die for

AcidHouseincluding BPM !






DetroitTechno 80s

EBM/NewBeat/BelgianTechnoincluding BPM !




FrankfurtSoundfrom EBM to Trance – including BPMIndieRockFunkCrossover – i. M. Zauberberg Würzburg Germany


JazzyClubplay – i. M. Mambo Chambo Würzburg Germany








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